How to Know When You Need a Little Extra Self Love

I’ve learned that the key to happiness is knowing yourself and being true to that person.
"Know yourself, know your worth." - Drake ~~How to Know When You Need a Little Extra Self Love~~ on For The Bliss Of It

Part of knowing yourself is knowing how to read your thoughts and figuring out what you need. Your subconscious knows that you need to give yourself a break before you are consciously aware of it. I always find myself thinking “I’m just in a bad mood” and continuing on. This can easily be changed if you are aware of the need to change. The better you get at assessing yourself and your needs, the easier it gets.

Below are a few signs that I need to give myself a little “reset”.

Everything is pissing you off.

I notice when I let negative thoughts and worries build up, I get really irritable. I’m in a constant bad mood. Things that usually are just small annoyances that I let go, turn into balls of anger. In learning more about my mind and body, I started noticing a correlation between these bad moods and my anxiety levels. When I dig deep, it is always because of anxiety that I’m not taking the time to work through. You attract the energy you are putting out. If you are stuck in a negative mindset, you are going to react negatively and view the world negatively. And it will keep getting worse if you don’t take the time to care for yourself.

The majority of your thoughts are worries.

Anxiety is a state of ‘fight or flight’. Your body was evolved to get ready to either fight off an attacker or run for your life. The problem with anxiety is that your body views daily things as ‘attckers’ and sets off the fight or flight response.

Remind yourself every time that you start obsessing over a small mistake that you are human and people are making the same mistakes every second all over the world. The moment has come and passed. You learned from it. It’s okay to move on. Then switch to thinking about all of the things you are proud of yourself for and all of the people who love you. It will get easier each time.

You are exhausted.

Anxiety and stress take a toll on your body and it can build up a lot before you realize what’s going on. The effects of anxiety build up which makes it harder to calm down. It’s important to add relaxation into your routine so you can get plenty of quality sleep.

You aren’t enjoying the things you normally do.

I like to think of anxiety as a wall that keeps you from being yourself. When you break through the wall, you’re happy and enjoying life. Breaking down the wall can take minutes or days, depending on what’s going on in your life. When you have that barrier up, it’s really hard to enjoy the things you normally do.

Here are a few things that help me reset:

  • Going out to dinner by myself. This gives me something to be doing while forcing me to be focused on myself. I love living near a ton of great restaurants because walking/biking to get dinner is even better.
  • Going for a long I try to run most days of the week but a lot of the time, I feel like I don’t have the time to do more than a few miles. My record right now is 8.39 miles!
  • Sitting on the porch and listening to music. It’s really easy to forget about everything and just let time go when you’re watching cars go by with an awesome soundtrack.
  • Coloring/doodling.

Treat yo self to love yo self.

Treat. Yo. Self. ~~ How to Know When You Need a Little Extra Self Love ~~ on For The Bliss Of It

What are your favorite ways to take a break from everything?

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