Beats & Bliss: September 2015 – The Porch Playlist

The porch is what got me through last year. I did a lot of self discovery but with that you also discover things that you don’t like about yourself, which is It was my physical happy place. There were times that I would wear as many layers as possible to porch in the winter. Any time I couldn’t sleep or woke up WAY too early, I would make a cup of tea, turn on some music, and porch.

Being on the porch it was so easy to break through the anxiety barrier. There was the perfect amount of people watching and cars driving by. Every time my thoughts started getting negative, I would just switch to thinking about something else. That’s why the porch was such a meditative activity. I was either with people, talking, my favorite activity, or by myself focusing on the cars going by or the lyrics of whatever song I was listening to.

It was hard to feel anxious on the porch because as soon as I sat down, I felt better. It was the energy that made it such a happy place. You put good stuff in you get good stuff out. I think that’s why moving to Denver was so hard. It takes a little while for a place to really feel like home and I wasn’t patient with that process. I was so excited for the change that I was little disappointed when it didn’t feel like home immediately. I always need these times to remind me it’s okay to slow down and embrace the process instead of focusing on where I want to be.

Denver feels more like home everyday but I’ve been missing the porch a lot lately so this month’s Beats & Bliss is inspired by the porch. Listen to it on your porch, balcony, rooftop, anywhere outside and forget about everything for a little while. Trust me, you’ll feel great after you do. Enjoy!

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