Gallant with RKCB at CU Boulder

When I saw CU Boulder’s homecoming concert was going to be Gallant, I was S T O K E D. I loved Weight in Gold the first time I heard it last fall. I immediately fell in love with Gallant’s insane range and dope beats. I’ve listened to his debut album, Ology, off and on since. Every song on the album is good but my favorites are: Talking to Myself, Bourbon, Shotgun, and Skipping Stones.

Going to the show was kind of a last minute decision so I ended up going alone. I highly recommend going to shows alone, especially if you don’t have anyone to go with but would be bummed about not going. This wasn’t my first solo show (I went to see Atmosphere at Red Rocks last year) but I’m not over the discomfort of being alone at a show. It also didn’t help that I didn’t think the timing through and showed up before the opener even started. It was also a very small crowd so I felt very exposed. But I was able to get a great spot right up front so it was 100% worth the discomfort.

The opener was RKCB (pic above). They were awesome! They had so much energy and a similar vibe/sound to Gallant. They make a perfect show together. They are definitely on the comeup so check them out.

Gallant was, of course, an incredible performer. He sounds just as good live as he does recorded. His vocal range blows my mind. I loved all of the details of the show, especially the gold mic. The stage made the show feel intimate because he had a couple house plants and an armchair.

I was so impressed with Gallant’s stage presence. He was dancing all over the place and didn’t pause for much longer than a few seconds. I can’t believe he was able to hit those falsetto notes while jumping around and dancing. If you get a chance to see him live, DO IT! And either way, check him out if you haven’t listened to him yet.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning in my thoughts. I’m really proud of myself because I know that this is just part of being me and it will pass. Before I knew what was happening, I would let the negativity fester but also bottle everything up and I would either explode or have a panic attack. It’s a constant battle but my mind is becoming tamer. I wasn’t feeling up to going the show but I knew I would be glad I went so I forced myself to go. Sometimes, you just gotta kick yourself out of your comfort zone to feel better.

I feel like the show hit my reset button. Yesterday I was in a much better mood and my thoughts were a little more manageable. The music is louder than my thoughts so it’s actually a very meditative experience. I love the feeling of bass, when you can feel it everywhere, from the tips of my toes to the inside of my brain. It’s like a soon as it hits, I can almost feel the endorphins being secreted in real time. I listen to my music way too loud in my car and headphones but you can only get that feeling from live music. Moral of the story: make sure you fit in the things that keep you sane.

I’ve had Weight in Gold stuck in my head for over 24 hours and I’m not mad about it, at all.

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