Reflecting on 2016

Around New Years 2016, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the coming year. I have always done this but then life would get in the way and resolutions wouldn’t stick for very long. I made two resolutions for 2016 and I’m so proud to say I focused on them for the entire year.

1. Trust my gut.

In 2014, I barely knew what a gut feeling was. 2015, I knew exactly what I was feeling but my head is stronger so it won most arguments. It’s really easy to push feelings away.

2016, I committed to trusting those feelings, even if it’s not something I think I “should” do. Throughout the year, I made some pretty tough decisions off of a feeling. I learned to trust that the changes were for the better and that making the tough choice makes me stronger. I learned that the feelings I push away always come back and the longer I push them away, the harder they get to deal with. Paying attention to my feelings forced me to speak up for myself. I can truly say I’m ending 2016 with double the confidence because I learned to trust my gut.

2. Eat more tacos.

For Christmas last year, my roommate got me a sign for my room that read “Eat More Tacos” because I love tacos. I made that my 2016 resolution mostly because I thought it was funny. The funny thing was that I actually stuck to it. I have always loved tacos but they weren’t something I normally ordered at restaurants. This year I actually went out of my way for tacos.

  • Favorite Taco: An ahi tuna taco in a freshly fried shell from Los Chingones.
  • Favorite Taco Place: Maybe it was just that they were usually drunk, late night eats but my favorite tacos overall were the tacos from the truck outside Cold Crush.
  • Favorite Tacos I Made: vegan eggplant tacos
  • Favorite Taco Memory: Denver Taco Festival. It was very underwhelming but the people I went with made it.


Happy New Year! Coming soon: 2017 goals post!

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