A Lil Valentine’s Day Self Love


I love this rupi kaur poem because it’s such a simple truth. It should innate but the most human thing ever is to struggle with loving yourself. I love Valentine’s Day because I love love. Growing up, it was so much fun to celebrate it in school and with my family. Now, I’m a hopeless romantic so I love seeing everyone’s gushy declarations of love in my feeds. Valentine’s Day should be about love in all forms, including self love.

To celebrate in a different way this year, here are 5 things I love about myself:

  1. I love my name: Katherine Morris Hudiburg but I go by Morrie. Little 9yo Morrie HATED her name. She didn’t like the attention that came with it, having to explain its meaning, and having to tell every teacher/sub that her name wasn’t Katherine. She decided that moving to Tennessee was the perfect opportunity to change her name to Katherine. This lasted all of a few days because changing your name after 9 years on this Earth is no easy task. Fast forward to my senior year of high school when I was struggling to figure out how I was unique for the sake of college application essays. The vauge “personal essay” prompt was driving me crazy. My mom suggested I do mine on how I got my name. I resisted at first but it ended up being the easiest essay I (and probably best) essay I ever wrote. I wish I could find it but my old laptop is long gone and a quick search in my old Gmail was not fruitful. ANYWAY,  writing that essay was one of my biggest “love yourself” moments because I learned to look at it as something cool about me rather than a nuisance. Now, I really do love my name. I love that it’s a conversation starter. I love telling the story of how I got it. I love the insane amount of nicknames my family and friends have for me even though it’s already a nickname (Mo, Mor, Momo, Kathy, Morris, Morrison, Morriesan, Mowwie… the list goes on). Most of all, I love it because it’s my name.
  2. I love my sense of humor. I used to hold back because I thought it was too quirky/sarcastic/dark but I eventually learned to not care what people think and let loose. One of the best feelings in the world is making someone laugh and I just can’t get enough of that.
  3. I love my love for food. I didn’t always “lean in” to it but it comes natural to me. I remember when I found out I had ADD , I deep into internet research, I was so frustrated because I had never felt the state of “flow” that was supposed to be a good thing about ADD. The only time I’ve truly felt that is in the kitchen. Eventually, I started cooking more because I was sick of my go-to easy meals. I threw all rules out and let my instinct lead me. Now that I have time for a hobby, food has become a full time obsession and I love that about me.
  4. I love how deeply I feel. This was probably the hardest one to learn but I did thanks to great therapy. I would have never said that was part of me that I even sort of liked but my therapist helped me see it as a good thing. Sometimes it’s a strength, sometimes it’s a weakness… either way, my feeling spectrum is part of me. I used to bottle everything up and push uncomfortable feelings out. With therapy, I learned that the only way to feel the good feelings is if you feel the bad things too. I started noticing this in my daily life – like how hard I can laugh right after a sobbing breakdown. It’s a flaw just as much as it is a beautiful part of me and I love it either way.
  5. I love my badA$$. It’s perfect because it’s mine. A few years ago, I never would have said that. I’ve never had huge body image issues but I never really loved anything about my body. There was always something I wanted to change and someone who is prettier than me. I will always have struggles but I can honestly say I love my body, flaws and all. I love my glutes because they’re strong from running, squats, and yoga. I love shakin’ it and twerkin’ it when I’m out with friends (especially when everyone’s cheering me on in the club in a dance circle lol). I love how good it looks in a great pair of jeans. I love my entire body (my ~temple~ … if you will) but most of all I love my booty.


Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day! Post your favorite selfie on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, write something (or things !!) that you love about yourself and tag @fortheblissofit! I want to see all your selfies ❤



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