24 Hours of Faith

About a month ago, after being at work for about an hour on a normal Tuesday, I had an urgent meeting put on my calendar and a short, vague email from our CEO. My heart was pounding and I had a gut feeling about what was going to happen but there were so many people from all areas and ranks in the company that I kept telling myself it couldn’t be what I thought it was going to be. As usual, my gut was right – that was my last day at Sovrn. Although, I am heartbroken to lose a home and family, I am confident that there are better things to come. 

I am currently reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book sounded perfect given the timing and I have had Gabby Bernstein on my list since listening to a few podcasts she was a guest on. I’m glad I picked it up – because it is exactly what I need during this time of unknown. My favorite theme from the book is that love is the opposite of fear. To exercise this, Gabby urges the reader to live “24 hours of faith”.

“For the next 24 hours, walk through life leaning on your faith in the Universe. When something feels in sync, celebrate it as a moment of alignment. When something goes wrong recognize it as a detour in the right direction, offering you guidance and support. Choose to see all that occurs as loving guidance. Forgive your negative thoughts and actions and immediately return to your faith statement.” (I’ll be honest – I didn’t actually write my own faith statement but it is usually something with a  “Everything that is meant to be, will be” feel.)

The best thing about this exercise is you only have to commit to 24 hours for this to change your life. All your mind needs to heal is a little observation. The second you start noticing negative thought patterns and actions, you start re-programming those away. I truly believe that you receive the energy you put out so if your mind is filled with negativity, you’re going to get it back. Fear isn’t going to get you anywhere so you might as well have a little faith. 

I’m choosing faith every moment I can to keep my mind on the light of the situation. I’m feeling very grateful for this time off. I’m fully embracing all of this alone time and unraveling myself. Although I’m craving the routine and friendships of office life BUT never having to put a bra on is pretty great.  I’m trusting that the universe closed this door for me as a push in the right direction. (The *right* direction is still pretty unclear and I change my mind almost every day. But instead of my usual “I know everything” approach, I’m allowing the path to unfold, taking advice as it comes, and remaining open to everything.)

Usually this big of a change would be too much for me to handle and I would freak out then try to control/rush the process. I know I’ll find an awesome job that has everything (and more!) I loved about Sovrn. I don’t have control over how and when so I’m just going to keep moving and learning along the way. I will control the things I can control and keep faith that everything will happen how/when it happens. And enjoy every last moment of #funemployment because having this much time off is so precious 😉 Stay tuned on the blog – I have a lot of great content planned and no excuses to blow it off! 

Have a great day friends and every time you start to worry – remember you are exactly where you need to be! Sometimes it’s exactly where you wanted it to be and sometimes it’s a detour but I guarantee you’ll learn something. Isn’t that what life is really about? 

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